This guide will explain how to apply ink to a dry stamp pad, or re-ink an existing hand stamp pad.


Re-Inking an Existing Pad

  1. Make sure you have purchased the correct ink for your stamp pad. Be careful because many ink colors like black and blue look similar. For our standard hand stamp pads, we recommend you use our Trodat-“Ideal” stamp ink.  
  2. Shake your bottle of ink well before use.
  3. Starting at the perimeter, place the nozzle on the pads surface and squeeze gently until ink is flowing.
  4. Continue at a steady pace around the edge of the pad. Once you have completed the perimeter begin going up and down while moving across the entire surface of the pad.
  5. Continue until you have covered the entire pad in ink. Allow the pad to sit for at least 5 minutes while it absorbs the ink.
  6. Do not over ink your pad! You should only need to go over each part of the pad once. If pools on the surface several minutes after inking, or your stamp impressions are blotchy you have used to much ink.
  7. If you have over inked your pad, gently dab the surface with a paper towel. This will remove excess ink and should correct the problem.


Inking a New Dry Ink Pad

Follow the exact same steps listed above. Because your pad has never been inked before, it may absorb more ink than an existing pad. This is perfectly normal. Allow new pads to sit for at least 20 minutes before use.