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Yes, you will need to create an account to order from We require an account because the vast majority of our products are custom made for you and we need certain information to ensure we complete your order correctly. But don’t worry! We never sell your information and only use it for essential tasks to complete your order.

In order to maintain your accounts security, you need to contact us to change your email address. Simply send us an email with your old and new email address or give us a call! Changes should take less than five minutes.

We currently support the newest release of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is unfortunately not a supported web browser.


We will always alert you if there are any delays in our production process. However, once your order leaves our facility, it is the responsibility of whichever carrier you chose. Unfortunately, we have no control over United States Postal Service or UPS arrival times. For more information please see our shipping policy.  

Most stamp and notary orders are made and shipped the next business day after your order is placed. If your notary or stamp order will be more than two business days in production, we will contact you. Please call us if you have an order that needs to be completed sooner than our standard time frame. Please be aware an additional rush fee may be applied.

For certain high valued orders, we may upgrade your shipping method to best ensure the safety of your order. This service is provided free of charge to you and will not affect your order’s shipping time.


We have a variety of stamps and pads that use different methods for re-inking. You can access the re-inking instructions for various products on our Resources page.

You can also directly view Xstamper, Trodat or Stamp Pad instructions using these links.

If your stamp impression looks blotchy or excessively light several things could be going on, but chances are it’s a simple fix.

If your stamp's impression looks blurry, or ink is in parts of letters that are supposed to empty, your stamp is putting to much ink on the paper. First, make sure you are not pressing down to hard or moving the stamp around while you are stamping. If you are using a hand stamp, make sure you aren’t pushing down too hard on your ink pad. This should solve the problem.

If your impression is light, faded, or missing parts it is probably not picking up enough ink. When you are stamping, make sure you are applying a gentle but firm amount of pressure. When you atamping you can try gently rocking your stamp to make sure that all parts of the die are coming in contact with the paper. Make sure that your ink pads have enough ink. If you stamp has been used for a long time without being re-inked, it may be time to replace the pad.

If your impression has large empty spots that are not supposed to be there, check the stamp die and make sure there is no debris on it.

Remember that a stamp will not provide a print quality impression. It is normal to have some variation between impressions.

Yes, you can upload your own artwork, but it must meet certain requirements. Artwork should be black and white simple line art. Shading, colors, and very small details will not show up on a stamp.

If you chose an Xstamper upgrade for your notary package, your stamp may differ from the designs shown below. This is normal and will meet your states requirements.

Embossing Seals

If your text appears cut off in the proof, click the Continue button to add the item to your cart. Then, during checkout, enter your information in the Special Instructions field and we will modify the text to fit properly.

If you just received your seal and it will not open, its because we ship embossing seals locked to protect the die. Unlocking a seal is easy to do and you can view instructions here. If you have been using your embossing seal but it suddenly won't open, the locking mechanism may have moved.

Shiny brand embossing seals are designed for embossing on standard office paper. Shiny embossing seals can typically emboss paper weights between 20 and 24 pounds. DO NOT try to emboss heavy paper or card stock with your seal! If you emboss card stock, cover stock, or other thick papers you will seriously damage or break your embossing seal's insert. If you need to regularly emboss thick paper stock, please contact us and we can help you find the right solution.

Not necessarily, we currently sell Shiny and Promark embossing seal inserts. Our embossing seal inserts only work with Shiny or Promark brand embossers. If your handle does not say “Shiny” or “Promark,” you will need to replace your entire embosser. To order a new embossing seal, please click here.

When we manufacture our embossing seals, we use specific formats to ensure the best quality of embossing. This includes abbreviating months to preserve the space on the embosser or changing the layouts slightly.