E-Series Seal Insert

Replacement inserts for Shiny Brand E-Series Embossers.

Our embosser inserts work exclusively with Shiny brand embossers. They are not cross compatible and will not work with any other brand including Trodat and Ideal.

Your embosser should display its brand name somewhere on its frame. If it does not say “Shiny” this insert will not fit. Because the embosser insert is actually the most expensive part of your embosser, we recommend you replace your embosser’s frame with one of our Shiny brand frames below. We believe Shiny is the superior brand for embossers, and all Shiny embossers come with an insert customized to your specifications

Note: Replacement inserts for Ideal brand embossers are no longer available. Our component supplier has discontinued the Ideal brand of embossers.

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Total : $ 19.95