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Notary Seals

We offer a variety of embossers for your notary seal, customized with your information. In addition, we have replacement inserts for our seals and round self-inking stamps with the same design as our embossers. If you need to unlock your seal, you can see a page with helpful instructions for you here. 
ES Pocket Seal - $25.50
Constructed of the finest heavy gauge steel, and offers excellent portability with distinct impressions. Requires 30% less effort to emboss. Includes rubber cushion grip handle and vinyl carry pouch.
Deluxe EM Pocket Seal - $29.95
Same as the pocket seal, but with larger frame and handle for ease of use.
ED Desk Seal - $34.95
Simply push down on the handle with one or two hands. Very useful and recommended for those who may have trouble generating the required pressure with the pocket seal
Long Reach Desk Seal - $69.95
Allows you to place your embossed impression 2 ½” from the edge of the paper. Has a larger frame and longer handle.
EG Cast Desk Seal - $59.95-$79.95
Available in three distinctive and beautiful finishes, these embossers make a fine addition to any office.
Xstamper Notary Seal - $33.95
Prints a clear, crisp image of your notary seal. Perfect for faxing, photocopying, or scanning. Premium quality Xstamper gives you thousands of impressions without reinking.
4642 Self Inking Notary Seal - $26.95
Rubber stamp prints a clear image of your notary seal for faxing, photocopying, or scanning. New version comes with dust cover and collapses for easy portability.
E-Series Die Holders - $18.95
Replacement insert for E-Series Seals.