The Basic Plus Jurat Notary Packages

The Basic Plus Package includes all the essentials that every notary public needs to do their job well, including a Jurat stamp. Includes:

  • Custom Pocket Notary Seal Embosser with Vinyl Pouch
  • Custom Self-Inking Jurat Stamp
  • Notary Public Decal
  • List of Things To Do & Not to Do
  • Notary Journal
  • 40 Gold Embossing Seals

Please choose the quantity and any upgrades you would like from the drop-down menus. Then select the design for the state in which you are a notary. Once you have selected your state's design please fill out all the required form fields with your information exactly as it appears on your commission certificate.

*Most orders received by 4PM will be produced the next business day.

Price Calculator

Full-Size Stamp

Upgrade from a self-inking stamp to a top of the line XStamper with a lifetime guarantee.

Pocket Stamp

Same as the Full Size Upgrade except a compact commission/expiration stamp. The handle becomes a hand carrying case that will not leak. Take it with you in your pocket, purse, or brief case.

Full Size Stamp (+$8)

Deluxe EM Pocket Seal

Upgrade from an ES Pocket Seal to the Deluxe EM Pocket Seal. Has a larger frame and handle compared to the ES Pocket Seal.

ED Desk Seal

Upgrade from an ES Pocket Seal to an ED Desk Seal. Great if you cannot generate the required pressure for an ES Pocket Seal.

Deluxe EM Pocket Seal (+$4)ED Desk Seal (+$9)

Leatherette Pouch

Upgrade from a vinyl carrying pouch into a nice leatherette pouch.

Leatherette Pouch (+$1)
Total :$ 52.95